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We’ve crafted a very specific, intro script for Baiju’s sessions. Please use this script (instead of a bio) to introduce him to the stage:

In today’s demanding world, leaders face the constant challenge of not only being at their best but also extracting the best from their teams. The ability to unite your team, drive performance, and unleash their potential to maximise productivity is crucial. 

Our speaker today is Baiju Solanki, a renowned performance psychologist and author, with an extensive background in both academic and applied psychology, working as a lecturer and as a sales director in the corporate world. 

He has dedicated his work to understanding and enhancing the dynamics of leadership and team performance where his background in sports psychology, combined with his entrepreneurial journey give him a unique perspective on what it takes to be a leader in today’s world

Today, he will share insights on making practical, everyday changes that inspire both you and your team to be better leaders. These strategies are designed to foster a game-changing impact, maximising productivity and team unity.

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