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This trilogy focuses on the three core pillars essential for long-term business growth.

First, “Change Your Game” emphasises personal transformation to reveal your true self.

Next, “Play Your Game” provides tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve desired results consistently.

Finally, “Win Your Game 90 Day Planner” offers a structured approach to goal planning and taking action, enabling you to work towards your definition of success.

Baiju gives you more quality insight than ever, welcoming you into his life and taking you behind the scenes in real time.



The impact of investing in myself and my business has been EPIC. When I decided to level up my business on Baiju’s programme was no brainer.

By committing to the programme, I have discovered a new discipline for creating a powerful structure for scaling up my business.

Consequently, others may not share your own attitudes or perceptions; assumptions that others mean the same thing can lead to misunderstandings and undesirable results.

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“Totally on point! Everything outlined by Baiju is both relevant and important; to sum up it’s about your Vision, Values and Velocity.”

Ketan Makwana

Baiju’s thoughts, insights and a little bants

Use the Change Your Game Scorecard and make life-altering decisions to take you to the next level.