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Baiju Solanki BSc(Hons), MSc., MBPsS stands as a testament to the convergence of psychology and entrepreneurship. As the CEO & Founder of EnSpirit Global, he's made a name for himself in the realms of leadership and entrepreneurship.

An award-winning businessman and former Businessman of the Year, Baiju is also a TEDx speaker, reflecting a career that surpasses the boundaries of traditional enterprise.

His training as a psychologist, combined with roles as a lecturer, speaker, and author, allows him to push leaders to unlock their inherent potential, cultivating high-performance teams in the process.

Baiju's diverse experiences, from academia to the corporate sector, have shaped him into a high-performance coach known for his forthright approach. He dives deep, addressing the root challenges and ensuring transformative outcomes for his clientele.

His mastering of applying psychological concepts to todays leader and entrepreneurs, is a game-changer in today’s world. This enables you to boost team unity, supercharge collaboration, and drive peak performance. Baiju will help you discover strategies that not only uplift individual potential but also unite teams.

Baiju's influence extends to the literary world, with best-selling titles like “Change Your Game” and “Play Your Game” under his belt.

As a co-author of leadership-focused books and the host of The EnSpirit Podcast, he's a prominent figure on social media, disseminating invaluable insights and wisdom.

But beyond his professional accolades, Baiju's commitment to fostering inclusivity stands out. He champions the belief that no individual should feel marginalised and takes active leadership roles, especially within cricket and his community, to champion inclusivity and combat discrimination.


How many people do you know who are living the life they truly want?

Are you? Do you wake up each day knowing that you will be doing exactly what you want to do? Being who you want to be? If not, why not?

I am only interested in excuses inasmuch as I can dismantle them to show you that what you want is possible. It took me thirty-seven years to start doing what I really wanted to do. Why did it take thirty- seven years? What was preventing me from making the choices?

If you’d asked me then, I would have said, ‘Money, ability, lack of knowledge of what to do, responsibilities...’ The usual life stuff.

But my mindset that was stopping me. The mindset I had by default was creating excuses, when actually what I lacked was belief in myself.

I was using evidence around me to confirm that I couldn’t do it, whatever ‘it’ may have been right there and then.

So what changed? I ran out of excuses, and I wish this had happened ten years earlier.

There were two occurrences that made me realise I had to make the change. The first happened while I was on a business trip to America, about to close one of the biggest deals in my employer’s history. I got the deal; the commission was insane.

When I rang the office in London to tell my bosses the good news, they told me to take a few days off in New York on the company and enjoy myself. Was I happy? Of course I was – who wouldn’t be? I was top dog, I earnt more in that deal than many do in six months, I was running my own team, and I had autonomy in my work.

After the call, I sat down on my hotel bed and con- gratulated myself. And then I said to myself, ‘Is this it? Is this what my life is about – getting deals and making someone else money?’

I had never felt more empty. I knew I had to change things.

Six months later, I was attending the Tony Robbins UPW (Unleash the Power Within) four-day seminar in London. It was a proper up-beat rah-rah motivational seminar that made the attendees believe any- thing was possible. For me, it was perfect timing.

I was already changing my mindset, going to events centred on starting a business and personal develop- ment, but UPW was on a different level.

And the most powerful learning of all was that there were no more excuses left. Following those two life-changing moments, I took action and developed strategies to leave my job and start the business I wanted. On 14 October 2007, I handed my resignation letter in.

I want you to have the opportunity to live the life you desire by unleashing your potential be that through leadership or entrepreneurship Over the years, many people have asked me how to do it. My talks will show you how…

It confirmed everything I already knew, but had been afraid to admit:


This trilogy focuses on the three core pillars essential for long-term business growth.

First, “Change Your Game” emphasises personal transformation to reveal your true self.

Next, “Play Your Game” provides tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve desired results consistently.

Finally, “Win Your Game 90 Day Planner” offers a structured approach to goal planning and taking action, enabling you to work towards your definition of success.

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